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15 Exciting Vapor Products You Must Try in 2023

Are you constantly searching to try new and exciting vapor products? 

Well, don't worry. The vape industry is always evolving and innovating with something new! This case exists because 90% of the huge manufacturers are in this game to bring out new vaping devices and e-juices. 

However, to simplify your search, we have brought you 15 of the most exciting new vapor products you must try in 2023!

We have uniquely collected these products, from refillable pod systems to disposable vapes. There's something for everyone!

Note: We've represented only the most innovative and exciting products through these lists.

1. Hologram Cloud V5: A Futuristic Vaping System

Our list's first must-try exciting product is 'The Hologram Cloud V5'. This product is a literal future in the vaping world. This product has a holographic display that allows everyone to customize their vape's appearance. 

Although, let's not just talk about looks only. This high-tech device features an intelligent temperature control system that gives you an optimal vaping experience. With its 215W maximum output and unique, ergonomic design, the Hologram Cloud V5 is a must-have for any vaping enthusiast.

2. GiantPuff-Pod: Revolutionary Pod System

The second must-try exciting product is 'GiantPuff-Pod.' This pod delivers an unparalleled pod system experience. 

How?– The logic is quite simple. This pod has a quick charge time of just 30 minutes. GiantPuff Pod is a sleek and user-friendly device that will ensure you never run out of power when needed. 

Its standout features have–

  • Adjustable airflow control and 
  • A leak-proof design. 

3. VapeSphere: Transforming the Vaping Game

If you love to experiment, VapeSphere is the device for you. It has an innovative spherical design that allows users to mix and match different e-liquid flavors effortlessly. Its RGB LED indicator provides striking visual effects and informs you of the battery life and power output level. With VapeSphere, you can create your own personalized vaping experience.

4. Windwalker X: The Thinnest Vape Pen Yet

Windwalker X takes vaping convenience to a new level. This device is one of the thinnest vape pens on the market. Its diameter is just 7.5mm! 

The Windwalker X is incredibly portable and discreet. Its advanced battery management system provides consistent power output. Due to its advanced battery system, this vape pen doesn't overheat or overcharge.

5. CloudMaker 3000: Next-Generation Cloud Chasing Device

If you love making cloud rings and are always competing with your friends to make rings, then this product is what you need. CloudMaker 3000 is known as the ultimate cloud production device. 

Its features include the following–

  • Innovative airflow design, 
  • Customizable coil options, and 
  • A high-performance chipset. 

These features allow it to guarantee an unparalleled cloud-chasing experience. Furthermore, it has quality and premium materials.

6. The Hypersonic Sub-Ohm Tank

Say hello to the future with the Hypersonic Sub-Ohm Tank. This beautifully crafted tank utilizes new ultrasonic technology, creating an unparalleled vaping experience. With its leak-proof design and massive e-liquid capacity, you can vape comfortably throughout the day. Plus, the adjustable airflow system allows you to tailor your vape to your liking – it's perfect for those who love cloudy, flavorful puffs!

7. The Cloud Master Mech Mod

If you are someone who loves mechanical mods, then the Cloud Master is a game-changer device. 

It is made from top-quality materials, making this mod visually stunning and incredibly durable. What sets it apart? – Cloud Master Mech Mod has a unique magnet-based switch that reduces the risk of misfires or accidental activation. 

8. Vapetasia's Galactic Grape E-Liquid

A fan favorite from Vapetasia, the Galactic Grape e-liquid will take your taste buds on a flavourful journey through the cosmos. This e-liquid has the combination of sweetness of grapes with tangy citrus. It has a unique taste which is why its reviews are pretty great; everybody loves this so far! 

9. The Chargertron 9000mAh Power Bank

We all know the struggle of running out of battery life while on the go – but fear not, the Chargertron 9000mAh Power Bank has come to the rescue! The design of this power bank features multiple USB ports and fast-charging capabilities.

10. The Power Puff Portable Vaporizer

If you are someone who enjoys vaping dry herbs and concentrates, then 'The Power Puff Portable Vaporizer' is the right choice for you.

If we are talking about its look, this device has a sleek design. Talking about its features, it has an advanced temperature control system. 

All of its features allow you to give a 100% clean, smooth vaping experience. The best part is its built-in OLED screen which will enable you to track your vaping sessions and battery life. 

11. SuperPod Pro

This SuperPod Pro is a sleek and powerful pod system out there. It offers a seamless vaping experience with its high-end features. Its features include the following–

  • A high-capacity battery, 
  • Wattage control that is adjustable, and 
  • Leak-resistant pods. 

The best part is the rapid charging - this device gets fully charged in just 30 minutes! The countless pod flavors make each vaping session a unique experience.

12. A Bottle of HOLO E-Liquid: Virtual Flavor Fusion

If you're tired of the same old e-juice flavors, HOLO E-Liquid is here to "wow" your taste buds. This innovative e-liquid line uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver a holographic sensorial experience combining flavor and visual effects. 

When vaping HOLO, you'll not only enjoy unique taste combinations like Pineapple-Cucumber Mint or Lavender Cheesecake, but you'll also see mesmerizing holographic swirls form in the vapor. Talk about taking your vaping game to the next level!

13. MightyPen: An All-in-One Vaporizer Pen

MightyPen is the ultimate all-in-one vaporizer. It has a slick, pen-like design and a high-quality ceramic coil. And you can use all type of e-liquids and concentrate on them. This feature singlehandedly makes it a versatile and portable vape pen. 

We've not gotten into the main part. The best part of this pen is its customizable temperature settings offer a personalized experience. That's right; you can smoke light and airy draws to thick clouds of flavor. 

14. SolarSub: The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Tank Kit

Calling all eco-friendly vapers! The SolarSub tank kit gets powered by solar energy and offers top-notch sub-ohm vaping performance. With this revolutionary device, there's no need for disposable batteries—just leave it under sunlight to recharge. Combining brilliant design and sustainability, SolarSub proves you can be environmentally conscious and enjoy quality vaping sessions.

15. XenoDream KLOUD9: A Luxurious CBD Vaping Experience

Last but not least, XenoDream KLOUD9 has launched a line of luxurious CBD vape products for those into CBD vaping. Their vape juices combine high-quality CBD with delectable flavors like Caramel Macchiato or Raspberry Lemonade, and they even offer a series of elegant and stylish devices to match. Through extensive research and dedication to providing the best possible CBD vaping experience, XenoDream KLOUD9 has truly redefined the game.


And there you have it, the 15 popular vapor products you should try in 2023! We always look for the latest, most revolutionary vaping gadgets and e-liquids to share with our readers. 

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