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Voopoo Drag X: Instruction Manual and Troubleshooting Guide

Over the past year, the top manufacturers in the vaping industry have worked overtime in a non-stop attempt to leapfrog one another and release the undisputed best pod mod on the market. The pod mod is certainly the hottest type of product in vaping right now, and the Voopoo Drag X has made a compelling case as the product that offers the most attractive design and the best set of features at the lowest price. If you agree with that statement and have selected the Drag X as your next vaping device, this is the page for you. Today’s vaping manufacturers are notoriously scant in terms of the documentation they include with their devices, and we’re going to make up for that with this Voopoo Drag X instruction manual. After the first section, we’re also going to explain how to fix the most common problems that you might experience with the Drag X.

How to Charge the Voopoo Drag X

To charge the Voopoo Drag X, start by inserting an 18650 battery with a continuous discharge rating of at least 30 amps. Push the device’s bottom cover in the direction of the arrow to open the battery compartment. Insert the battery with the positive terminal facing the top of the device and close the battery cover.

Connect the Voopoo Drag X to your computer using the included USB cable. When the battery indicator on the screen is full and the screen displays the message “100%,” the charge cycle is complete.

How to Fill the Voopoo Drag X

If the Voopoo Drag X is your first pod-based vaping device, you may experience a little unfamiliarity when you try to fill it for the first time because filling the Voopoo Drag X pod isn’t quite the same as filling a traditional vape tank. The pod connects to the Voopoo Drag X magnetically. To fill the pod, lift it away from the device and hold it upside down. You’ll see the filling hole on the underside of the pod. Lift the cover with your fingernail and add e-liquid via the filling hole until the pod is nearly full. Remember to leave a little room for air in the pod. Close the cover tightly and remove any spilled e-liquid with a paper towel before returning the pod to the device.

How to Vape with the Voopoo Drag X

After you’ve charged the battery, filled the pod and waited several minutes for the atomizer coil’s wick to become completely wet, you’re ready to start vaping. Press the fire button five times quickly to turn the Voopoo Drag X on if it isn’t on already. The Drag X pod uses Voopoo PnP coils, and it can detect the resistance of the installed coil automatically. When you first turn the device on, it defaults to the SMART vaping mode and automatically configures its wattage for the installed coil. If you want to adjust the wattage, press the power button three times quickly to switch to the RBA vaping mode. In this mode, you can use the adjustment buttons on the front of the device to choose your desired wattage. Be careful when vaping in RBA mode because you’ll risk burning your coil’s cotton wick if you set the wattage too high.

To vape with the Voopoo Drag X, puff on the mouthpiece while holding the fire button. You can adjust the device’s airflow characteristics by moving the tab located under the pod.

How to Fix Problems with the Voopoo Drag X

As you’ve probably noticed, one of the major shortcomings with the printed Voopoo Drag X instruction manual is that it includes no information to help you troubleshoot the problems that may occur with the device. In this section of our guide, we’ll fill in the gaps by explaining how to fix the most common Voopoo Drag X problems.

Voopoo Drag X Not Charging

If your Voopoo Drag X isn’t charging, the first thing that you should do is try a different USB-C cable. USB cables begin to develop internal faults when they’re used constantly, and it’s highly likely that your Drag X will outlive the included charging cable. Always charge the Voopoo Drag X through your computer. Voopoo also recommends charging the device with the arrow on your USB cable facing the bottom of the mod. If your Drag X still isn’t charging, try charging the battery in an external charger if one is available. If the battery is no longer holding a charge, you’ll need to replace it.

Voopoo Drag X Leaking

If your Voopoo Drag X is leaking, check to make sure that the filing hole on the bottom of the pod is closed firmly. Remove and inspect the coil. Are the coil’s gaskets misaligned? If so, the coil won’t have an airtight seal. If the gaskets aren’t warped, you should be able to move them to their correct positions. If the gaskets are stretched out of place, though, you’ll need to replace the coil.

Voopoo Drag X Coils Burning Out Quickly

Under normal conditions, you can expect the coils for the Voopoo Drag X to last several days before they require replacement. If you find that you’re spending too much on vaping because your coils burn out quickly, there are two likely causes for the problem.

  • You’re vaping at too high a wattage and are burning your coil’s wick. Use the SMART vaping mode to have the Drag X automatically determine an appropriate wattage for the installed coil.
  • You’re using sweetened e-liquid. Sucralose creates a residue that causes vape coils to burn out quickly. If you use unsweetened e-liquid, you’ll enjoy much longer coil life.

Voopoo Drag X Error Messages

The Voopoo Drag X has some built-in safety features that will automatically shut the device down if a condition exists that’s potentially unsafe. These are the actions that you should take if your Drag X displays an error message while you vape.

  • Check Battery: The battery has a problem or requires charging. Check the battery to ensure that it is installed correctly, with the positive terminal facing the top of the device. Make sure the battery has no sign of physical damage and that the outer wrapper is intact. If everything looks normal, recharge the battery.
  • Max Power: You’re trying to increase the wattage past the device’s maximum supported power level.
  • Temp High: The internal temperature of the Voopoo Drag is too high. Move the device to a cooler environment and stop vaping for several minutes.
  • Time Out: You’re holding down the fire button for too long. Use shorter puffs when vaping.
  • Atomizer Short: The connected atomizer coil may have a short circuit. Remove the coil from the pod and reinstall it. If the device continues displaying this message, you should discard the coil and use another one.
  • Check Atomizer: The Voopoo Drag X isn’t detecting the installed atomizer coil. Remove the pod from the device and check for spilled e-liquid. Dry the top of the device and the bottom of the pod with a paper towel and ensure that the coil is fully inserted into the bottom of the pod. If you continue to see this error message, try replacing the coil.