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Should You Replace Your Vape Pen with a Disposable Vape?

If you use a refillable vape pen or mod, there’s a good chance that you’ve been vaping for a fairly long time. In case you haven’t noticed, non-refillable devices have been crowding the shelves at local vape shops around the country for quite some time now. In particular, it’s fairly obvious that disposable vapes are all the rage these days; they’re the devices that new vapers almost always choose.

Refillable devices, meanwhile, haven’t gotten quite as much attention from the manufacturers as they once did because no new technological breakthroughs have been made for a while. Today’s vape mods and vape tanks, in other words, aren’t so different from the devices that were available last year or the year before.

Meanwhile, devices like the latest Air Bar disposable vapes are probably looking quite tempting to you. Are disposable vapes the way of the future for the vaping industry – and should you consider retiring your refillable vaping device and switching to disposable devices? If you haven’t paid attention to the evolution of disposable vapes over the past several years, you might be unaware of the full range of features that these devices offer. These are some of the reasons why you might want to replace your vape pen with a disposable vape.

Today’s Disposable Vapes Offer Incredible Flavor Variety

In the past, one of the biggest drawbacks of disposable vapes was that they weren’t available in the flavors that people really wanted. Back when the world of premium bottled e-liquid was expanding to include flavor profiles like cereal, custard and doughnuts, disposable vapes were generally only available in the same two flavors that kickstarted the vaping industry so many years ago: tobacco and menthol.

Today, it’s safe to say that “lack of flavor variety” is a phrase that no longer applies to disposable vapes. In fact, disposable devices have become popular enough that many of the world’s biggest and most popular e-liquid brands are now producing disposable vapes or licensing their flavors to the makers of disposable devices. No matter what your favorite e-liquid flavor profile might be, you can definitely find it in a disposable device. A typical local vape shop often has dozens of different disposable vapes in stock, and you’ll never get around to trying them all.

Disposable Vapes Can Be Cheaper Than Refillable Devices

Another one of the issues that people had with disposable vapes in the past was that they were much too expensive to use as full-time replacements for cigarettes. That was especially true in the early years of the vaping industry, when a single disposable vape typically cost as much as two packs of cigarettes but often didn’t last through even one full day of vaping. In those days, the primary function of a disposable vape was to illustrate what vaping felt and tasted like. People who bought disposable e-cigarettes stepped up to refillable devices as quickly as possible.

One of the biggest ways in which disposable devices have evolved over the past year or two is that they’re significantly cheaper than they once were. Although disposable vapes still cost about what they did during the early years of the vaping industry, they last much longer. The original disposable e-cigarettes lasted about 100 puffs per unit at the most. Today, though, it’s not uncommon for a disposable vape to last 6,000 puffs or more. That’s as many puffs as about two cartons of cigarettes, which means that disposable vapes now present an outstanding value.

Through the years, the members of the vaping community have understood that if you want to vape as cheaply as possible, you need to use a device that you can refill. With today’s disposable vapes, though, that’s not really true anymore. Most of the people who buy bottled e-liquid go through huge bottles every couple of days because they’re using sub-ohm vaping devices that produce enormous clouds. Moreover, they’re going through box after box of expensive replacement coils. If that’s what your vaping experience is like, you can save a mountain of money by switching to disposable vapes.

Making that switch, though, will mean that you’ll need to make a significant change to the type of e-liquid you use. We’ll discuss that next.

Using Disposable Vapes May Mean Increasing Your Nicotine Strength

If you switch from a refillable vape pen to disposable vapes, the most important thing to know before making the switch is that it’ll almost definitely involve increasing the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. That’s especially true if you’re currently using a sub-ohm vaping device. It’s possible that the nicotine strength you’re currently using is as low as 3 mg/ml. Disposable vapes, on the other hand, come in strengths as high as 50 mg/ml, although lower strengths are also available in some cases.

In short, switching to disposable vapes will mean that vaping will feel a little different to you – at least at first. You can’t sit around with a disposable vape in your hand and vape mindlessly all day. Instead, you’ll need to take a few puffs and put the device down for a while until your nicotine cravings return. It’s a very different way of vaping, and it’s actually similar to smoking in many ways.

On the surface, making a drastic change to your nicotine strength and to your vaping habits may not sound like something you’ll particularly enjoy – and if you’re completely happy with your vaping experience as it is, you may not want to make that change. Before you dismiss disposable vapes, though, you should consider something: If the refillable vaping device that you’re currently using almost never leaves your hand, it’s possible that you’re not as satisfied with your vaping experience as you think you are. The fact that you never really stop puffing on your vaping device could be a sign that your nicotine cravings never truly go away. In that sense, it’s possible that switching to disposable vapes will reignite your love for vaping and help you achieve a much higher level of satisfaction.

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