Buying a 510-Thread Vape Battery? Look for These 5 Features

If you want to have the best possible experience when vaping oil or wax concentrates, you need a great device – and for most oil vaping aficionados, the device of choice is a 510-thread battery. There are several viable ways to vape oil, with disposable vapes and pod-based systems being two other popular options. The traditional 510 vape battery remains the best option for most people, however. Here’s why.

  • Disposable vapes are great because they’re self-contained devices that are ready for vaping right out of the package. Every time you buy a disposable vape, however, you’re buying a complete vaping device with a battery and other internal electronic components. The cost can really start to add up over time. The cartridges that you’d use with a 510 vape battery, on the other hand, are much less expensive.
  • Pre-filled vape pods can be almost as economical as 510 cartridges. Using a pod-based device, however, means that you’re locked into a single manufacturer’s product ecosystem. A 510-thread battery, on the other hand, isn’t a proprietary device. It’ll work with virtually any cartridge on the market.

When you go online or visit a local vape shop to buy a 510-thread battery, you’re immediately going to notice that there’s an enormous level of variety out there. There are 510 batteries in every possible size range and with many different form factors to fit every possible need. A high-end manufacturer like Hamilton Devices will always have 10 or more batteries available – and that’s just one brand out of many.

To narrow down the selection and find the best 510-thread vape battery for your needs, it can be helpful to identify the features that are most important to you. These are the five features that you should look for when buying a vape battery.

Compact Design

Portability is an important quality to look for when buying a vape battery because your vaping device is likely to go almost everywhere with you. Unless you’re planning to leave your device at home all of the time, you need something that you can carry comfortably in your pocket. Looking for a battery that’s small and light isn’t just a matter of portability – it’s also important because you need something that’s discreet if you want an oil vaporizer that you can bring everywhere.

For maximum portability, many manufacturers offer 510 vape batteries with threading that can swivel or retract to hide the cartridge inside the body of the device. A vape battery with hidden threading will work with most cartridges, but it’s important to remember that some non-standard cartridges may be a bit too wide to fit into the battery’s cavity.

Adjustable Power

Vape cartridges differ from one another in terms of their airflow characteristics, their coil designs and their wick materials. Because of the wide range of different designs, vape cartridges don’t all work best at exactly the same power level. Ideally, you want to vape at a power level that allows you to get the biggest, most intense clouds possible without producing a burnt or unpleasant flavor – and the perfect voltage for that will vary depending on the design of the cartridge you’re using.

It’s common for a vape battery to be regulated to operate at a specific voltage. In that case, the battery will operate at that power level – usually around 3.3-3.7 volts – regardless of the battery’s current charge status. Operating at a power level that isn’t too low or too high is good for maximum compatibility with a wide variety of different vape cartridges. If you want to have more flexibility than that, look for a 510 battery with adjustable power. In some cases, a vape battery will have a digital display and will allow you to select any voltage you like. In other cases, you can toggle between a few pre-set voltages by pressing the fire button.

Generous Battery Life

Battery anxiety isn’t fun. If you’re planning to bring your oil pen everywhere – and why wouldn’t you? – you’ll want a device that’s always ready to go when you want to use it and doesn’t spend most of its time on the charger. Always look at a vape battery’s capacity – measured in milliampere-hours of mAh – before you buy. In general, you can expect a vape battery with a capacity of around 1,000 mAh to last through an entire day with moderate usage. If the capacity is significantly less than that – and you’re a fairly heavy vaper – you might need to pause halfway through the way to charge the battery.

Right Firing Style for Your Needs

A vape battery can fire in two ways. Some batteries have airflow sensors and will fire automatically when you puff on them. That’s called automatic firing. Alternatively, a vape pen can have a button that you need to press when you want to vape. That’s called manual firing.

Having a vape battery with automatic firing is fun because it feels natural – almost like smoking. Automatic firing is also useful if you want to connect your oil pen to a water pipe because it can be very inconvenient to reach around to the other side of a bong when you’re trying to vape. On the other hand, manual firing is also useful because a vape pen with a manual fire button tends to produce bigger vapor clouds. A manual fire button is also useful for wax vaping because you can use the button to pulse the coil and soften the wax before taking a bigger puff.

If you’re not sure which firing style you’d like your 510 battery to have, try finding a battery with both a puff sensor and a manual button.

Preheat Mode

If you think that you’d like to use your 510 battery with a wax coil, you might want to look for a battery with an automatic preheat mode. Preheating the coil softens the wax and helps it to soak into the coil’s wick, which is important if you want to enjoy a big puff that’s full of flavor. Although it’s not difficult to preheat a wax coil manually, you may find that an automatic preheating function is even easier and faster.

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