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What Are the Most Popular Types of Vapes in 2022?

One thing is certain about shopping for a new vape in 2022 – it can be more than a little bit confusing if you’ve never vaped before. One of the biggest reasons why choosing your first vape can be a challenge is because there’s such a wide selection of different devices. It can be difficult to select the device that’s right for you when the shelves at your local vape shop are covered with dozens of different types of vapes.

Choosing your first vape is made even more difficult by the fact that the largest and fanciest looking devices are often also some of the most expensive. Despite what you might think, though, the most expensive devices aren’t necessarily best for beginners. In fact, the cheapest devices are often best for those who are new to vaping – which is a great thing because the fact that you’re not investing much makes it even easier to get started.

So, what are the most popular types of vapes in 2022? Let’s dig in.

Disposable Vapes

We’ll cut to the chase here – if you’ve never vaped before and are looking for your first device, you almost definitely want to buy a disposable vape. Disposable vapes are perfect for beginners for two reasons.

  • They’re extremely easy to use. Just remove the device from the package and puff on it, and you’re vaping. There’s nothing to refill and no maintenance to perform.
  • They’re often very high in nicotine. If you’re going to use vaping to help yourself stop smoking, you need a device that’s as close as possible to the nicotine delivery of a tobacco cigarette. That’s what you’ll get with a disposable vape.

Disposable vapes come in a huge variety of different flavors. They’re also very affordable, and modern devices can last quite a long time – thousands of puffs in some cases. It’s possible for a modern disposable vape to last as long as several packs of cigarettes, and that can translate to enormous savings for you compared to smoking.

Pre-Filled Pod Systems

When you use a disposable vape, you discard the entire device when it runs out of e-liquid. That’s very convenient, but it can also create a lot of waste because most cities don’t have recycling facilities that accept vaping devices. Pre-filled pod systems are a little like disposable vapes in that they’re easy to use and don’t require refilling. The battery, however, isn’t a component that you throw away. Instead, you’ll connect the battery to your computer to recharge it when it dies.

With a pre-filled pod system, the e-liquid is stored in pods that you can typically buy in vape shops and at traditional tobacco retailers like convenience stores and gas stations. The pods are usually sold in packs of two or four and contain enough e-liquid in each pod for about one or two days of vaping. When a pod runs out of e-liquid, you throw it away and put another pod into your device.

Although pre-filled pod systems are easy to use and more environmentally friendly than disposable vapes, they do have a major drawback compared to disposables in that their flavor selections tend to be much more limited. Although pre-filled pod systems used to be extremely popular, disposable vapes have largely taken over that segment of the market. These days, manufacturers are focusing most of their energy on developing the most appealing disposable vapes possible.

Refillable Pod Systems

If you’re intrigued by the idea of owning a vaping device that’s both rechargeable and refillable, you might enjoy using a refillable pod system. Like a pre-filled pod system, a refillable pod system also stores its e-liquid in a hollow plastic pod. The difference, however, is that you don’t buy the pods already filled with vape juice. Instead, the pods are empty when you buy them. You’ll buy bottled e-liquid separately and fill the pods yourself. Another major difference between pre-filled and refillable pod systems is that you can usually use a refillable pod for several days before the flavor quality starts to suffer. At that point, you’ll throw the pod away and install a new one.

The biggest benefit of using a refillable pod system is that you have complete control over the flavor and nicotine content of the e-liquid that you use because you can fill your pods with any vape juice you like. Although today’s disposable vapes come in a wide array of different flavors, that’s nothing compared to the incredible level of variety you’ll enjoy when you buy e-liquid by the bottle. Since bottled e-liquid is also usually available in more nicotine strengths than disposable vapes, using a refillable pod system can also make it easier for you to reduce your nicotine consumption. You could even reduce your nicotine intake with the goal of eventually becoming nicotine free.

Vape Mods

Vape mods are special because they’re the largest and most powerful types of vapes that you can buy. A vape mod usually has a box-like shape and somewhat resembles a cigarette pack. Vape mods often come with their own tanks for e-liquid storage, although it’s also possible to remove the included tank and connect a third-party tank instead. A good vape shop will usually have a wide selection of different tanks that you can use with your mod. A vape tank doesn’t just store your e-liquid. It also has the atomizer coil that vaporizes the e-liquid, so your choice of tanks can greatly affect your device’s flavor and vapor production.

Vape mods are the most powerful vaping devices on the market, and they also have the longest battery life. The drawback of vape mods, though, is that they’re much more complex than other types of vapes. You can’t just fill the device and start puffing on it; you’ll also have to choose your desired power level and vaping mode. Experienced vapers tend to like devices that offer a high level of customizability. The fact that vape mods are so complex, however, means that they usually aren’t ideal for new vapers.

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