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Tips to Choose the RIGHT Snus Product

After snuff, dipping, chewing and vaping, now the tobacco industry is all about snus. It is a smokeless, moist tobacco that is put between the upper lip and gum to get the nicotine kick without smoking and smelling bad. It comes in different flavors, so there is no fear of a bad smell. The product originated in Sweden, and is now gaining popularity in other countries, including Norway, the United States, Switzerland, and South Africa.

Snus is mainly manufactured in Sweden, but there are so many other countries manufacturing snus, like Siberia snus, that it becomes hard for beginners to choose. That's where this article will help you. From buying the right type of snus, and choosing the potency and size of the snus to the right eating method here is everything you need to know to choose the right snus product.

Here are a few things you should remember to choose the right snus:

1. Loose vs Portion Snus

Initially, there was only one type of snus, loose snus, also called original snus. It was moisturized during the manufacturing process. It is made with ground tobacco in a moist form. You can convert it into any suitable size and put it between your upper lip and gum. Unlike chewing tobacco, you can keep it in your mouth without spitting it. It is available in the tin to be sold so that consumers can easily take a pinch of it. Due to moisture content, you quickly start getting nicotine effects.

Portion snus is a relatively new snus that is the exact opposite of loose snus. It has two types: brown snus and white snus. The brown snus is sold in a slightly moist (less than loose snus) sachet form that you can use to get relatively greater nicotine fun but less than loose snus.

However, white snus is made with dry concentrate in a pouch form. It is kept between the upper lip and gum and works best if you want to get a slow nicotine kick and hold the aroma for a long time.

2. Size of the Portion

If you think Portion snus comes only in one form, you need to think again. It comes in different forms to give consumers different options to try snus according to their requirements.

Regular Portion

As the name implies, it is the normal portion size. The pouch size can fit your mouth, but there might be some difficulty for some people with a small mouth. So, there are other sizes as well.

Slim Portion

Looking for a discreet portion size that fits your mouth perfectly, then this portion pouch is for you. It neither overly stuffs your mouth nor gives a very small portion that your whole fun is killed. It is the best size.

Mini Portion

This size is better for beginners as it is the smallest portion. These pouches contain less tobacco and lower strength of nicotine. So, mini portions are the best treats for you if you are just entering the snus world.

3. Different Strengths of Snus

Just like there are different sizes of snus, the strength of snus also varies. The strength depends on two things: the amount of nicotine and pH in the mouth.

Light Snus

Needless to say, light snus contains less amount of nicotine, around 8-9 mg/g. This amount is minimal and doesn't cause dizziness if you just begin with snus.

Strong Snus

This snus has around 11 mg/g of nicotine that is strong enough to give a good nicotine kick.

Extremely Strong Snus

The extremely strong portion is for the strong hearts who can handle 22 mg/g of nicotine. However, if it is your first time or you have just started taking nicotine, don't jump to this strength. You might feel dizziness and have many other adverse effects. Better go slow than rush and get into trouble.


Snus is not like one standard fit for all. It has different types, portions, and sizes that you should choose carefully. Don't try just because others are trying it. However, you can use it if you want a smokeless and good odor nicotine experience. But while buying snus, make sure you know every aspect of its different types of products and choose your snus product accordingly to get the best experience.

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