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Regulate Vaping E-Liquids To Protect Consumers & Prevent Misuse
Kelso School District joins lawsuit against vaping company for directing ads toward youth
Ohio deputies come across 'rare' vape pen with meth mixture
Physicians slam ‘strategy’ to ease vaping restrictions
Intermountain study: Vaping, e-cig use have lasting health impacts
Intermountain study: Vaping, e-cig use have lasting health impacts
Electronic Cigarette Market Growing At a CAGR of 16.8%, Top Manufacturers | Detailed COVID-19 Impact Analysis
Macau Policy Makers Consider a Ban Vape Sales
City councillors strike down ban on smoking and vaping in Calgary parks
Elf bars and me: I'm a vaping addict, so will I get gum disease?
The Canadian Vaping Association: Flavours in vaping products are instrumental in helping adults quit smoking
Time to declare war on vaping to save the next generation
Smokers who switch to vaping may take up healthier routines, new UW study shows
Student-Led Initiative Targets Vaping Use | Opinion
Student-led initiative targets vaping | Opinion
Geekbar and Geekvape Make it Big at Expo with New Products
Pivot's Vaping Guide Exposes a Dangerous Trend in the Workplace - Benzinga
Pivot's Vaping Guide Exposes a Dangerous Trend in the Workplace
Record low number of New York adults smoking cigarettes
Children sold vape pens as powerful as 50 cigarettes | News
Anti-vaping crusade by neopuritan moralists is a threat to public health
The Canadian Vaping Association: THR should play a role in Canada's Tobacco Endgame strategy
Introducing Fume Unlimited: The New High-Capacity Fume Disposable Vape From QR Joy
Mexico Issued Decree On Vapes And Electronic Cigarettes
Global Electronic Cigarette and Vaping Market: Industry Development Scenario and Forecast to 2026
Best Delta-8 Brand Comparisions: The Most Popular Delta-8 Products of 2022
FDA and US government working to slow teenage vaping
Taking unnecessary risks with vaping marijuana | News, Sports, Jobs
Dangers of Teens Vaping and How to Spot It
The Canadian Vaping Association extends congratulations to Premier Doug Ford
Secaucus limits vaping vendors in town
Secaucus considers limiting vaping vendors in town
London PR firm behind 'grassroots' pro-vape campaign called 'Tell Nicola'
EDM Parties Are Linked To Vaping - Can They Provide Less Harmful Options?
The Canadian Vaping Association: British Columbia's youth and non-smokers will continue to be protected through strong federal labelling and packaging regulation
The Canadian Vaping Association: British Columbia’s youth and non-smokers will continue to be protected through strong federal labelling and packaging regulation
Cancer Survivor On Vaping: Don't Even Start
Proposed menthol ban highlights debate over 'sin tax' revenue
What's in Your Vape Cartridge Now?
E-cigarette and Vaping Market Size, Scope and Forecast | Altria group Inc., British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands, Japan Tobacco International, NicQuid, JUUL Labs Inc., Philip Morris International Inc., Shenzhen Kanger Technology Co., Ltd ., VMR Produ
Cancer survivor on vaping: Don't even start
Canadian Vaping Association: More evidence emerges that vaping can help smokers quit
Smoking, vaping now banned at popular Georgia beach
Kids and nicotine vaping
Camila Giorgi's father caught vaping in the stands at French Open
Vaping Saves Lives
Gwinnett County broadens prohibitions on smoking and vaping
Survey: Many young people don't know what they're vaping
Review: PVRE – TJuice
E-cigarette and Vaping Market Research Report: Latest Industry Status and Future Growth Outlook 2022 to 2029 | Altria Group, Inc., Philip Morris International Inc., International Vapor Group, British American Tobacco – mbu timeline
How to Spot Vaping in NJ Teens
A New Sheriff in Town
Illegal and dangerous: Mexico bans vaping
Vaping's vicious toll on kids and teens
Mexico is the latest country to enact a ban on e-cigarettes
Mexico totally bans sales of e-cigarettes
16 Best CBD Vape Pens for Anxiety
In secondhand vape, scientists smell risk
Experts: Vaping much safer alternative to smoking
Geoff Russ: Nova Scotia's disastrous e-cigarette flavour ban should be a warning to the federal government
Youth vaping reversed declines in tobacco use
Dinner Lady wins top vaping industry award
Number of young people vaping doubles in a year as smoking rates drop
Enticing vaping advertising a concern - school principal
Teen smoking rise in cases tied to e-cigarettes and vaping
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